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Week 08 & 09 – Xian – Baoji – Nanjing – Suzhou – Shanghai

Yes, you read the title correctly! Four train rides, one flight and a lot of coffee! Five cities in two weeks. These past two weeks have been very busy and productive week for our project. We have had many opportunities to share more about what life is like as a student at Georgian College this week and have yet again met so many amazing students, parents and staff in East Asia.

The first agency we went to was called Fenghu International Education. We had so much fun giving our presentation because it was more like a conversation (also they brought us ice cream haha). The presentation was amazing because many of the staff at this agency had previous experience working abroad. We felt this day was very purposeful because everyone was very open minded and we shared a lot of insights with the staff members.

wechat 1

Fengu International Education, Xi’an

After leaving Xi’an we spent two days in a city called Baoji. Baoji is 138 KM from Xi’an and we took the high-speed train to get there. WOW, we were so impressed when we arrived at The Grace Language School! The students prepared a very nice welcome party for us, we played Pictionary, Taboo and ate cake. The students at Grace were so kind we loved spending time with them and learned a lot of valuable information during our visit. Our first evening in Baoji we had an amazing dinner with the principle, Misty and a few staff members from Grace school. We built a great connection and relationship with them and this opened many opportunities for Georgian College students & graduates. Our second day at Grace we went to The Baoji Museum of Chinese Bronze Age Culture with the students. The bronze age in China began around 2000 B.C. We included a picture below of the front that says “Kingdom of China” that we saw in The Bronze Museum. The tour guide explained to us that the letters were part of the first flag of China’s in history and the first style of how the Chinese create their national flag. The rest of our time with the Grace students was spent watching their presentations regarding their thoughts on the time they spent with us. We were so impressed with the confidence of the students and their presentations were amazing. After watching their presentation, we had the opportunity to do ours and share with them more about Canada and Georgian College. The vision that Misty and the staff at Grace has for their students is beautiful and we loved all of the memories we created during our time there.


Kingdom of China


Welcome party @ Grace, Baoji

Our next stop was to Nanjing where we spent our day at an agency fair answering questions from students curious about studying abroad in Canada. From Nanjing, we went to a Suzhou where we attended another agency fair that was very similar.

Week 09 was spent in Shanghai! We were very excited for Shanghai because everyone kept telling us how amazing of a city it is and we had the chance to meet with Paulo’s friends that are living in Shanghai all the way from Germany!

In Shanghai we visited JJL agency, Shanghai International Studies University, Can-Achieve Education agency, and Liu Sue 360 Agency. Our time spent with the students, parents and staff in Shanghai was great. One night we had the opportunity to go for a nice dinner with a student, Bob and his family. Bob will be joining us at Georgian in September! His family took us to see some of the city and introduced us to some local Shanghai cuisine.

We also spent some time with Paulo’s friend’s Mirko and Juli that are from Germany. It was nice because they shared a lot of great insight and knowledge about how it has been working Shanghai. They took us to an amazing rooftop patio that overlooked the two sides of the city and we shared a lot of cultural differences of Brazil, Germany, Canada and China. We want to send a huge thank you to Mirko and Juli for showing us the city – see you in Australia next year! 😉


Hanging out in Shanghai!

                       “A journey is best measured in friends, rather than miles.” – Tim Cahil

Our next adventure will begin in Bangkok, Thailand! Bangkok will be a quick 4 day vacation for us. Stay tuned for more amazing updates & photos! Just like the other weeks all of our photos are posted below. Enjoy!
Until next time,

Melissa & Paulo


International agency fair, Nanjing

Dinner in Shanghai

Dinner in Shanghai


Shanghai International Studies


International agency fair, Suzhou


Can Achieve Education, Shanghai


Rooftop view, Shanghai


Paulo & Evan doing Ronaldo’s signature move, Grace school

grace 2

English only, Grace School, Baoji


Our museum scavenger hunt in Baoji with the students!


Liu Sue 360 Agency, Shanghai


Lunch with the students from Grace!


Dinner in Baoji


International agency fair, Suzhou


Dinner with Bob & his amazing family! See you in September @ Georgian Bob!


Our favourite Italian restaurant in Shanghai!




Presentation @ Liu Sue 360 Agency, Shanghai


Lunch time with students @ Grace, Baoji!


Street views, Shanghai






One comment on “Week 08 & 09 – Xian – Baoji – Nanjing – Suzhou – Shanghai

  1. Wayne Pauli says:

    I’m enjoying every comment and updates of your trip. You two are AMAZING. So very proud of your accomplishments. Continue to travel safe, but enjoy. See you soon. Luv u guys. Gpa


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