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Project Purpose

great wallThe purpose of the Social Innovation Cultural Exchange Project is to focus on a few key goals. The first of which is to learn more about the East Asian culture by collaborating with students and community, so that we can gain as much education as possible to bring back with us to Georgian College and our community. Also, to develop partnerships in East Asia that can be useful for Georgian College graduates looking for job opportunities. Lastly, is to educate students while abroad about our student life and engagement at Georgian and the Barrie community.

The duration of the project is six weeks abroad, and we will be spending time at schools, events, and fairs in China. We are very excited for you to read & follow our updates!

We also would like to thank the Seagel International Center, the Co-op, and safety department, and Georgian College for believing in this idea. We know that this will be a change maker moment for Georgian College, our students, and community.

Feel free to send us a message sending any requests.


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